Posted Sep 07, 2017 7:57 PM MST


Who is responsible for the Muslims in Calgary website? Is it a product of the three Islamic centers listed on the site?

No, the three Islamic centers listed are NOT associated with the site.

The three Islamic centers are listed on the site for information only.

For that matter, NONE of the Muslims Organizations in Calgary, or elsewhere, are association with the website.

Why did you post such article on your website?

The goal in mind was to educate our youth and our community in general about the Islamic Female Circumcision: how it is done, its benefits and its basis in the teaching of our prophet.

We want them to know that Female Circumcision exists in our Islamic Tradition, even though, internally, Muslims have different opinion about practicing it or not which differs from one Muslim country to the next.

We hoped for them to learn that Islamic Female Circumcision has nothing to do with the barbaric practice of FGM.

Islam is a civilized religion, with the protection of the human dignity at its top priorities.

We wanted them to feel confident and proud, and to be able to stand tall and talk openly about the Islamic Female Circumcision.

Are you defending FGM?

No, we are not defending the barbaric practice of FGM.

We are, only, educating people about the Islamic Female Circumcision, which, in our opinion, is NOT FGM.

In Islam, Mutilation is Haram (meaning forbidden), whether it is Female Mutilation or Male Mutilation, in the Genital area or elsewhere. In fact even Animal Mutilation is Haram in Islam.

No one, in his sound mind, will defend mutilation.

Are you encouraging people of your community to practice the Islamic Female Circumcision?


We do not believe that the Islamic Female Circumcision should be practiced here in Canada or anywhere else for that matter. This is our personal opinion. Many Muslims in other countries have different opinion and we respect that.

We are Canadian and we obey the laws of our land.

We don’t endorse, approve or support anything that is illegal in our country.

Is the “Islamic Female Circumcision” a form of FGM?

We think no. Female Circumcision in Islam is not a form of FGM. Many people are confusing the Islamic Female Circumcision with the barbaric practice of FGM, kindly see the article in question for details.

How is “Islamic Female Circumcision” different from FGM?

We are not medical doctors nor are we lawyers, but the following is our understanding:

  • FGM is Barbaric practice, period.
  • Islamic Female Circumcision is NOT FGM.
  • Islamic Female Circumcision involves the removal of the hood of the clitoris ONLY (just the skin not the organ).
  • Islamic Female Circumcision is a scar-less process.
  • Islamic Female Circumcision is simple process and can be completed in few minutes.
  • In the Islamic female circumcision, the wound takes few days to heal completely.
  • Islamic Female circumcision has no effect on the sexual behavior of the woman or her husband.
  • Islamic Female circumcision may be legal (again we are not lawyers) as part of hoodectomy and labiaplasty both used as plastic surgery for beautification of women’s genital area.
  • Islamic Female Circumcision has many medical benefits.
  • Islamic Female Circumcision is very similar to Male circumcision.
  • There is no long term physical or psychological pain associated with the Islamic Female Circumcision, because it is identical to  the Male circumcision.

How about “Jewish controlled media” mentioned in the article?

We published the article for its value in clarifying the “Islamic Female Circumcision” procedure.

We did not write the article ourselves.

We don’t necessarily endorse all the author’s opinions, but we still publish the article as is (without editing) for fairness to the author.

The views posted are the opinions of the individual author of each posting, and are not necessarily ours.

We, also, have a clear “Opinion Disclaimer” under each article.

Your article on your website caused controversy, what do you say about that?

The main idea, in our opinion, of the article is to clarify the difference between the Female Circumcision in Islam and the barbaric practice of FGM. We were not aiming to create any controversy.